Q4 Musing

With only a few days left of 2023, how are you feeling my sweet friends? Emotionally, Physically, and Spiritually? Here is an intentional moment to mindfully check in with yourself and take a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth… Now do that a few more times until you feel your nervous system calm down… 😊 Let’s now relax your shoulders and roll them back a few times to get loose and release some tension (especially with the holidays right around the corner)…  Whatever season of life you may be in, I’m proud of you. I’m in the season of integrating all of things I’ve learned over the last year and have really been present with what each day brings in, which is a good feeling to have. For me, this summer was a bit of an emotional roller coaster with more downs that ups but as life continues to flow, I remind myself it’s all temporary, and control the controllables. Q4 has been filled with LOTS of adventure, joy, and procrastination so I’m grateful for all of it.

Most of September was spent recording season four with some FABULOUS podcast guests that I can’t wait for you to learn from and hear their messages come through. I also was able to get in a super fun girl’s trip to Richmond Virgnia to visit my friend Kate and Tara with my pal Coco and explore the history, art museums, antiques, and culinary delights that it has to offer. I really enjoyed Virgina and seeing my friends THRIVE in their new environments, which made me very happy.

I’ve been volunteering with the CARE House of Oakland since February and I was on the host committee for CARE Night in October, which is their biggest fundraising event of the year and $380,000 was raised for victims of child abuse and neglect. CARE house is the only Child Advocacy Center in Oakland County and there are six different programs the organization offers from Intervention and Treatment, Nurturing Parents, Family Resilience, Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), and Canine Advocates (which is my favorite). It was an incredible evening at The Treasury in Pontiac Michigan with a beautiful speech made by an Oxford Michigan High School student that survived the tragedy of events a few years back with the services he received at CARE House, which brought tears to my eyes with his heartfelt speech.  

I took a trip to the Upper Peninsula Michigan in mid-October to check out the fall colors (a few pictures below) and reset my nervous system by being in mother nature. I did lots of hiking, exploring waterfalls, and saw Pictured Rocks by boat which was magical. I’ve never seen rocks with that many mineral colors in my life, it was dope and cold AF. It was a nice break from work and rejuvenated me to get started again on things I’ve been putting off for way too long! The messages from my inner guru came through very clear as I walked (and even took a header after tripping over a rock) for hours on difficult trails dodging tree roots, climbing stairs, and slipping on colorful leaves but felt a sense of accomplishment after completing. Last fall (yes, way over a year ago) I enrolled and invested in Amy Porterfield Digital Course Academy and have yet to finish the last few modules. My goal is to finish by the end of the year so I’m sticking to it friends. I need an accountability coach to do check ins to keep me on track because once I start editing my podcast episodes, I get laser focused.

It’s the start of November and I just got back from London England for work and got the opportunity to explore Windsor Castle, which I’m fascinated with the Royal Family, so it was right up my alley. Paid my respects to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip as they are buried in King George VI Memorial Chapel. When I got back to my hotel room, I found myself googling Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding footage to see how it all went down since I toured the grounds for nearly three hours. I also got to explore London for hours and learned so much about that beautiful bustling city of nine million people, loved it.

The holiday season is already here as I’m starting to see all the retail stores transform right in front of my eyes and I can’t wait to decorate my own house. I’m really looking forward to hosting my family and friends next month but ultimately, I can’t wait for Thanksgiving. “Save the neck for me CLARK!” IYKYK. I hope you have a fantastic holiday season as it can be exciting for some and tough for others, especially with challenging family dynamics, missing loved ones, expectation management, so give yourself some grace. Savor the little moments. Sending you an abundance of love and light your way! New podcast season drops in January 2024 and can’t wait to share.

Tahquamenon Falls
Miners Falls