Q3 Musing

Summer is in full swing here in Michigan and there is nothing better than getting away to a sleepy little beach town to relax, explore, spend some time with loved ones, and hopefully get some beach walks in to soak up the sun (with a hat and sunscreen of course, just in case my Esthetician Dorota is reading this). As a born and raised Michigander, we LIVE for the warm summer months and I’ve been consciously present with what each day brings by connecting with others, smiling at strangers, and hiking around my happy place Cranbrook House and Gardens with Tootsie girl. I just finished up season three of the podcast in June and always need some time to decompress, what went well, what needs to be improved, what does my audience need to hear, and get inspired for season four. I have many ideas brewing as far as guests and can’t wait to curate my connections and start recording come early fall!

Some fun things I’ve experienced (besides an annoying cold that has cause me to sound like Janis Joplin) the last month include learning how to play pickleball and although the scoring is still a little grey for me, it is very fun and a great workout too. I also finished up some tapping sessions with Amy Piper, Tapping for Truth, who is certified (season three, episode four podcast guest) Emotional Freedom Technique expert and she has helped me immensely over the last few months and is a MIRACLE WORKER. I’ve been struggling with controlling certain situations in my life as I believed that my plan, I had co-created with the universe, was THE PLAN. Unfortunately, I haven’t learned this lesson that it’s not up to me and I couldn’t get the shift I was looking for (present and past), so with some emotional release, healing, re-wiring the stories in my brain, I’m slowly gaining peace within and more confidence trusting my inner wisdom. My mental (brain) health is a daily practice and take it very seriously because I need to live my life in alignment mind, body, and soul and I’m proud of the inner work I’ve done over the last four year because I’m a completely different version of myself than back then. A better version, a more self-aware, compassionate, empathetic, less judgy, less critical, and my new perspective is to look through things with a lens of LOVE. Abundance mindset versus scarcity mindset. Game changer. My everyday intention is to move my body (even if it’s a few minutes), mindfully eat, meditate, and journal to help keep me accountable but ya know it doesn’t always happen. (BTW, I’m obsessed with Melissa Wood Health, Gabby Bernstein, Insight Timer, and talk therapy to support me with this effort because you know it takes a village to support this vessel).

My acupuncturist recommended that I get my four pillars read to help get a pulse check on what the next few decades look like for me and help support in areas that I’ve been challenged with. This was my first experience with a certified Chinese Astrologer and didn’t really have any expectations going into it but a lot of my four decades (geeze, now I’m dating myself) completely made sense and were very accurate, some comments made me question myself too. I grew up in a privileged middle-class home with hard working parents that taught me the value of a dollar, community, love, and support but there was a lot of challenges that lead to chaos, trauma, and anxiety I endured as a child and that showed up very clear in my reading with the fire element. The good news is that with all of that fire element in my past, the next few decades are very green with the wood element, so it’s exciting to see the abundant opportunities flow to me with ease.

My birthday is next month and looking forward to traveling to Chicago to visit family and celebrate!

Hope you have a beautiful Q3 wherever you are in the world and just a gentle reminder that you’re ENOUGH, give yourself GRACE, and know you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be in your life, whether in the FLOW or GO state, everyone is doing the best they can and TRUST the process. And so it is…