Q1 Musing 2024

Are you on team RESOLUTIONS or NO RESOLUTIONS for the start of a new year? Or do you use different words like GOALS, INTENTIONS, MANIFEST, or DESIRES? Or you’re like… who the heck has time for that? Or do you not use any of these words because maybe you’re in the surviving season of life? I personally like to mindfully take inventory of my personal and professional life at the start of each new year, and I tend to lean towards the word ‘intention’ because the other words can sound a bit pressury for me. Pressure, meaning, if I don’t meet or do this or that, I’ve failed or I’m not good enough and quite frankly we’re done with the negative self-talk for 2024. Us recovering perfectionists do not like to fail and avoid all criticism at all costs that we will work ourselves up into a tizzy of thoughts that are simply not true. I also feel as humans, we’re so focused on getting to the end result or outcome of everything we do, that we miss all the beautiful and painful lessons we learned along the way. Lots of times once we get what we think we need, we feel a sense of safety, accomplishment, reward, instant gratification or satisfaction to make ourselves feel enough or worthy… Ask yourself “I’ll be happy when…..” Thing is, I had it all wrong. What I’ve learned over the years is that the result doesn’t mean getting what we want or sought after to get, but it’s simply about how we handled and acknowledged the growth in between. Or perhaps it’s opened doors for other opportunities or perspectives in your life that caused you to pivot or change your mindset. As cliché as it sounds, it really is about that my friends. If you’ve cracked that code a while back, without beating yourself up over all the damn things, thanks for warm welcome to the party.

My good friend Devon gave me The Best Year Journal for my birthday a few years ago and I used to be one of those people that had high anxiety come January 1 as I’d tend to highlight all of the things, I DIDN’T accomplish versus all of the things I DID accomplish the previous year. This is my recovering perfectionist tendencies coming through as I would put shameful thoughts of beating myself up over things but with some help and practice, I’m now more self-aware and I’m able to shift my thoughts once I notice this behavior. The visual STOP sign if you will. When the clock struck 2024, I had absolutely no anxiety and it felt glorious because guess what, I did the work on myself to consciously choose (and rewire my neuropathways) to think differently. (I’m so proud of myself and I’m virtually patting myself on my back). My therapist occasionally has me do this exercise to write out a list of accomplishments and desires to measure my progress. I take more time to celebrate the wins as we seem to just breeze by them most of the time. It seems to work well for me and my brain health as I continue to evolve.

A few weeks ago, I tried something new that I’ve never done before and wanted to share because sharing is caring friends. Some of you probably already do this. I saw Cat Golden from Social Rebel Experience on Instagram communicate that if she visually saw her intentions every day on her cell phone and laptop, she’d put it out in the universe to co-create her desires. Not just set them and forget them because as you know, life just gets SO busy to find the time to hold yourself accountable for things you desire. I’m trying her approach this year and created a vision board of images on CANVA, saved it to my phone background as well as my laptop, so let’s see how it goes. I’ve got BIG intentions for 2024 and I can’t wait to see them unfold in front of my eyes, knowing that the end results may or may not come exactly as planned but to enjoy the journey no matter what. Here’s a pic below.

Season 4 of the podcast drops Friday, January 26 with all new episodes! I’m THRILLED to introduce my fabulous guests because I have a Certified Life Coach, Comedian, Yogando Style, Birth Humanity, Chinese Astrology, Art Matchmaker, Photographer, Somatic Movement Therapy, and Internal Family Systems Therapy (fingers crossed on the last one!). I plan on doing a few solo episodes as well.

Thank you SO much for supporting my podcast and mission, I really appreciate it! Please continue to share any episodes that resonate with you as well as rate and review Tag Up with LT on your preferred streaming services and simply ENJOY!