Q2 Musing 2024

Q2 is OFF to the races just like the Kentucky Derby! Season four of the podcast ended at the end of March 2024 and it was really fun to curate those specific guests and topics to my little community, so I hope you enjoyed them as well. Check out Season 4 Wrap Up Show with LT, episode 10, for all the messages I downloaded from each of the guests.

April just flew by like a snap of my long AF finger. I spent the last month networking with some powerhouses in my local and podcast community, learned some new stuff from like-minded women, leaned fully into my entrepreneurial journey with my business offerings, (new website coming soon! check out the offerings page for now) and tried on about 100 wedding dresses and still haven’t found THE ONE (few contenders though). Solid start to Q2. Even had some discovery calls and created a few requests for proposals for potential new clients, which makes me super excited. Please send all of your positive vibrations out into the universe to align myself with the incredible clients I’d like to work with moving forward.

“Focus on how you want to feel and let the Universe fill in the details” – Abraham Hicks

Thank you SO much for supporting my podcast and mission, I really appreciate it! Please continue to share any episodes that resonate with you as well as rate and review Tag Up with LT on your preferred streaming services and simply ENJOY!