Season 3 Sponsor

Tag Up with LT is honored to have Kelly Hale, from Inspired Wellness, as a sponsor (and guest!) for the podcast. Kelly is a Brain, Body, & Biome expert that has supported thousands of individuals-from health & rehab pros to everyday people in discovering the powerful connection of the Brain Body Biome. Her transformative programs reveal your innate ability to align your nervous system and tap into your “gut instincts” so you can get out of your own way and live a peaceful, productive, and active life!! She is AKA the Poop Whisperer and teaches how to elevate elimination for quick results in her poop camp at Do you have a squatty potty yet? They are a game changer, trust me!

Click on to receive Kelly’s FREE Inner Resources gift series, which includes nervous system regulation techniques, such as PACE.

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