Offering 1: LT helps women owned and women led businesses start a podcast from scratch as your personal Podcast Marketing Manager. LT will oversee the creation, production, execution, revenue generation, and develop strategies to expand audience, listener engagement, and drive overall growth for your brand, business, or hobby. LT will help co-create a seamless client experience by optimizing her background and knowledge in three years of podcasting, over twenty years in project management, and have FUN elevating your voice in the world of audio. From pitch to publishing, LTs got you every step of the way, no fluff.

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Offering 2: LT helps educate individuals step by step on how to create a podcast from scratch with her Podcasting for Rookies Digital Course. Are you ready to start your podcast in 30 days with 5 easy steps? I know you’ve been thinking about it for a while now and LT is here to help you make it happen.

In the course, you will go from feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start to feeling confident and able to create and publish a podcast episode. LT with teach you all the things you need to know without compromising quality content to deliver to your niche audience.

Module 1: In this module you will get clear with your intention as to why you’d like to start a podcast, identify your ideal customer avatar, and seven key decisions to get started with equipment and free technical setup. LT is a budget conscious girlie.

Module 2: In this module you will learn how to setup your microphone, headphones, toolbars within free recording application, create, record, and add music to a podcast trailer. Again, LT likes the word FREE.

Module 3: In this module you will learn how to edit a podcast trailer by basic editing functions of delete, add, amplify the volume +/- to avoid peak levels with audio. From there, we will export a podcast trailer to a MP3 file.

Module 4: In this module you will learn how to create introductions, show notes, setup podcast directories, uploading MP3 file, and data analytics overview.

Module 5: In this module you will learn how to determine you publishing release schedule, free templates, and a marketing strategy to launch your podcast. Lastly, we will touch on monetization strategy, promote services/products, further support, and CELEBRATION!

Offering 3: LT will help manage those projects in your business or brand that you do not have the bandwidth to manage or not sure where to start as a Fractional Project Manager. With LT’s entrepreneur and self-starter mindset, she will support in addressing your pain points by planning, executing, and launching your projects on time. Creates current processes, policies, and procedures. Audits current processes, policies, and procedures and provides recommendations for continuous improvements initiatives and identifies gaps or opportunities to streamline. LT gets you highly organized.

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