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YOU should have a podcast. It’s time! You’ve been thinking about it for a while now and LT is here to make it happen.

LT helps non-techy individuals with little to no budget start a podcast from scratch with the course she’s developing called Podcasting for Rookies (still workshopping…) by offering affordable, accessible, and easy solutions. LT promises to take your precious currency of TIME and ENERGY and get down to how to create and publish a podcast episode without compromising QUALITY CONTENT to deliver to a niche audience.

Whether you own a business looking to expand your business leads or have a passion project you want to explore with your voice, say YES to creating something from nothing with LT’s support. She’s produced and hosted more than thirty-one episodes to date, so she’s incredibly resourceful in getting things done, especially being a leader in project management in her professional life.

LT knows you’re motivated and excited to create something from nothing and share with your audience and KNOW YOU HAVE A VOICE THAT MATTERS! But…. LT totally understands you don’t have the time, money, or resources to get started because we are all booked and busy. Maybe you’re feeling a little lost (even overwhelmed by piece googling things together) and unsure how to even start but LT knows that if you follow these FIVE STEPS below in a few online sessions, she promises you’ll feel confident to create, record, and publish a podcast episode. She’ll even show you how to do some basic editing in a FREE application and if she can do it, trust us, you can do it too.

Module 1: In this module you will get clear with your intention as to why you’d like to start a podcast, identify your ideal customer or niche, and seven key decisions to get started from scratch with equipment and free technical setup.

Module 2: In this module you will learn how to setup your microphone, headphones, toolbars within free application, create and record a podcast trailer, and add music to a podcast trailer.

Module 3: In this module you will learn how to edit a podcast trailer by basic editing functions of delete, add, amplify the volume +/- to avoid peak levels with audio within free application. From there, we will export a podcast trailer to a MP3 file and save off.

Module 4: In this module you will learn how to create introductions, show notes, setup podcast directories with uploading MP3 file, and data analytics overview.

Module 5: In this module you will learn how to determine you publishing release schedule, free application templates, social media strategy with list building marketing, further support, and CELEBRATE!

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